Warranty Claim

It sucks when things don't work.

Fortunately, many BuckNaked™ products include hassle-free warranties. Fill out the form below and one of our brilliant Buck Naked Warranty Claims Experts will help determine if your product is covered.

Buck Naked Warranty Claims are available in the United States & Canada Only! See full details below the form.
If you have submitted a warranty claim and have not heard from one of our warranty experts in 2 business days, or are having issues submitting a warranty claim, please feel free to click here to contact the Buck Naked eCigs Warranty Dept.
Buck Naked Warranty service is non-transferable.
Buck Naked Warranty claims are available in the United States and Canada only!
Buck Naked does not honor warranty claims from outside these locations.

What is Covered?

All Buck Naked eCigs and any accessories found to be defective as a result of manufacturer error. All of our battery units are covered for a period of 6-months from the original date of purchase, and all refill tanks are covered for a period of 3-months.

What is Not Covered?

The Buck Naked Warranty Service does not cover against normal wear and tear by the user; opened/used eLiquid samples; damages caused by intentional or accidental dropping, or submerging in liquid; improper cleaning or neglect; lost or stolen parts; or any other damage that is not a result of defective materials or workmanship.

What Will Void My Warranty?

Damages caused by use of Buck Naked products with any unlicensed item or any accessory not approved for usage with Buck Naked eCigs; or damages and defects that result from usage of the product for illegal purposes.

What is Needed?

To process your claim, you will need to provide the following: original proof of purchase, a serial number (if applicable), and evidence to support your claim. Please provide as much information as possible on your claim form. A Buck Naked eCigs Warranty Expert will review your claim and follow up with any questions or requirements.

What Happens Next?

If you feel that your product qualifies for warranty servicing, please proceed to the Electronic Warranty Claim Form below. There you will be able to fill out the claim form, list a detailed description of the issue(s) you are experiencing, and upload a copy of your dated proof of purchase or original sales receipt.